Another Day, Another Slay

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Another Day, Another Slay

It’s Monday loves! Often times Monday can be a Debbie Downer to say the least.  ‘If only the weekend could have been longer or if only I had done more day to relax.  If only, if only, if only.’  I could go on all day talking about the weekend and daydreaming about the past or I can seize this present Monday.  I want to maximize the day – every inch of it!  From the moment I wake up, until my head hits my pillow at night.   I will be positive from start to finish because this will be a great day!
 Necessary Clothing Romper, Forever 21 Skirt, Zara Heels, H&M Choker, Brandon Blackwood Backpack


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  • Candance you r so beautiful. U


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