ESSENCE: A Curvy Girl’s Guide To Print Perfection

ESSENCE: A Curvy Girl’s Guide To Print Perfection
Ladies, spring is here! It’s time to pull out your bright colors and prints that pop. Here are tips and tricks from And I Get Dressed’s curvy blogger Kellie B.  For the Full Scoop make sure to check out!

Think outside the box when it comes to dressing your full-figured physique. This curvy blogger let’s us know that “gingham prints are a spring must have. It’s a traditionally preppy picnic print, however by adding a black leather jacket and a bright tote, it gives just the right amount of ummph and sass.”

Too much color? No such thing! Kellie B, fromAnd I Get Dressed, informs us that “You can even add a pop of color to a printed dress. The orange tasseled necklace is a perfect match to my floral frock, while the white sandals and clutch create the perfect style balance. (PS I wore this to the US open gala and Anna Wintour nodded at me – I like to think she approved! Haha!”


Prints in the workplace can often times be daunting. However, this expert blogger is spilling the tea on how to keep prints professional and posh in the office. “This chic combo is a great way to wear prints into the office. The lighter colors are not too fussy and you can balance out the bottom with a camel, knee-length blazer and a solid blouse. To let you in on a little style secret, you can pump up your look and figure with a nude kitten heel instantly!”
Kellie B. advises us on keeping it fun when flattering your curves. “Florals are some of my favorite prints to wear but they don’t have to be matronly. Including a loose fit up top and a skinnier fit towards the ankles, can amp up your figure almost instantaneously. This outfit is pink and floral, but modern shapes like my joggers and a moto jacket makes the ensemble current and brings a proportionate feel to your figure.”
Kellie assures us that no trend is off limits for the curvy chica! “Cut-out frocks are for the curvy gals too! Master this fresh spring trend by selecting pieces that highlight your best assets while choosing multicolored prints that pop. But, most of all rock a side of confidence that will definitely leave a lasting impression.”


This fashionista proves that blending a printed top into your wardrobe can be done with ease. “An easy way to wear prints with color is to pull out two of the main colors and include them in the outfit. I took the lighter lavender color by way of a coat for drama and the forest green on the bottom for balance.”

Leave it to Kellie to bring in floral inspiration for the spring! “Prints don’t have to be overwhelmingly large or extremely small. Ahappy medium always does the trick as well. This floral print on my blouse creates enough character for the entire outfit and by adding a solid pastel hue on the bottom the perfect balance is created.”

Styling can be a balancing act, but Kellie knows best. “This skirt has a lot going on, it’s printed and metallic. I decided to keep the rest of the outfit classic and ladylike. From the solid pink cardigan, to the classic white t-shirt, I was able to balance my silhouette seamlessly, while a high waisted skirt chicly cinched the waist.”


Print on print can be accomplished with ease!Kellie informs us that “head to toe prints can work on any body-type, it’s just about creating the right proportions and knowing how to break it up. Take note, a cropped top and an open toe sandal stylishly separates the look, while creating a cohesively chic statement”

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