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As I make my way into a quaint restaurant on the upper east side I’m immediately greeted by a friend who instantly asks “are you ok? You’ve lost so much weight. How’s your health?”  I’ve heard that question so often that I can’t recall how many times I’ve been asked. The truth is – my health has been in constant limbo. I’ve been to the doctor and rushed to the ER more times than I can count within the last three months. And to think that I still don’t have an answer. Pain reveals itself to me everyday, with every movement and relief comes to no avail. With every question of concern my mind shifts to the constant questions every doctor has asked me over and over again.

With all the bad and uncertainty, I continue to work and push through my routine because I’m hopeful. I have to hope and believe that everything will work out and that healing for my body and heart is not that far away. We all have storms in life and this is how mine has manifested.  Others have seen worse and have survived. What might be my weakness now will soon be my strength.





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