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Nashville Unwinding

Before tackling the busy season that comes right before fashion month, I decided to escape NYC for a brief break. After contemplating the ideal escape, I booked a last minute flight to Nashville in hopes of a creatively scenic vacation and I was delighted to discover it was everything I anticipated.

Once I arrived and before I immersed myself fully in the stimulating city, I made myself right at home in the most quaint boutique hotel—the new Kimpton Aertson. Surrounded by open spaces and original artwork, I was able to taste inventive dishes at the chef’s private table, swim in the rooftop pool overlooking the midtown and bask on the balcony of my suite.

As Nashville’s first Kimpton, the invitation and hospitality from the hotel was sincerely welcoming. I ate too much and slept too much— if there is such a thing. And to think, I didn’t have to step a foot outside of the Aertson to feel the original vibes and culture of the city.

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