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The Quintessential Southern Oasis

Traveling to the sunny and rhythmic city of New Orleans for the holidays was just what my spirit desired.  The most splendid weather, the tastiest food and the beautiful Le Méridien New Orleans was the southern oasis I needed to unwind. Upon arrival the hotel staff greeted us with charming attention and the ambiance seemed to do the rest. From high impact art that engages every sense and sparks of decor that infuses the possibility of discovery, the arrival experience said it all.

During my downtime I was able to wander the creative nooks of the hotel.  The Le Mériden Hub reflects the brand’s creative spirt and the atmosphere is enlivened with the signs, sounds and aromas of coffee as the master barista’s craft the perfect signature cup. As I stepped deeper into the hotel’s walls I’m delightfully surrounded by the classic heritage and streamlined aesthetic of the hotel.

After a serene sighting, I headed up to my corner suite that displayed panoramic views of the Mississippi River and skyline of New Orleans. The room pulled me in and invited me to unwind, relax and lay all of my stress aside. Before laying my head down I couldn’t help but embrace not only a place that was culturally refined but one that included a meaningful atmosphere.

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