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What A Time To Be Alive

This week my aunt and I got caught up in an explosive conversation that kept us on the phone for hours.  We chatted about how we were so grateful to live in a time where we can immerse ourselves in cultural change, experience the greatest of all times like Prince & Michael Jackson and even be able to see history be made before our very eyes. I was able to witness the first African American man be named President of the United States and that in itself is priceless.

In my lifetime, so far, we have lost some of the greatest to have ever lived but at the same time there are other innovators, who have been passed the torch to keep forging better and brighter paths. And although the change and growth I’ve witnessed has come at the price of a lot of violence, I’m thankful for the power of being in a digital age where nothing has to go unnoticed anymore.  What was hidden can now be brought to light.  And even when justice is not served swiftly or perfectly, to know that we are moving forward gives me hope that my children, and their children will have a greater appreciation for the lives they will live.
















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